God Created Us to Read by: Janet Neumann

Today marks the third day of Reading Camp.  In just three days, much has changed but at the same time nothing much has changed. The children are more at ease. The teachers are beginning to work as a team and yet the nice, up-dated building still has chickens wandering into the classrooms.

Welcome home to Ghana! by Zach Neumann

Welcome home to Ghana! I first came to Ghana for seven weeks in 2008. There have been many trips, experiences, smiles, hugs, and times when words simply would not come. Our trip to the Volta river included all of the above. We did not do our usual cultural excursion to the western

Be Not Afraid

As I climbed into the back seat of our Honda CRV here in Ghana I grasped for the seatbelt. This was going to be one horrific ride. When volunteers are preparing to come for a mission, they have many fears; the food, the water, the people, the job, but when they leave