2018 Summer Reading Camps

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Our reading camps reach more children every year and with each year, our costs go up.  Your donations for the annual reading camps cover

  • Five books for every child and every Ghanaian teacher
  • Pencils, crayons, scissors, and other school supplies for 100 children and 50 teachers
  • Snacks and lunch for 150 individuals each day
  • Transportation for children and teachers from as far as 2 hours away
  • Teaching materials
  • Craft materials

The annual reading camps are currently held in two villages and include children and teachers from several surrounding villages. Each camp has 40 to 70 children attending on a daily basis for five days. Ghanaian eachers are given a 1-2 day training course before the beginning of camp.

Since 2010, the enrollment in St. Paul’s Primary School has tripled in size. The most amazing result is that now many children are going to junior high and soon senior high School.